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Real people, real reviews. Our clients invest in their personal goals with the guidance of our Silicon Valley Matchmakers. Three decades of proven success shown by our verified BBB rating and Google reviews.

“ I took me a while to get past the initial cost of the program and now I wish I hadn't wasted so much time. If I had known how much better this would be than online match services, I would have signed up years ago. Everyone there has been so nice and really worked hard to find good matches. I have only been on good dates and have high hopes for the future. ”

— David   (bbb.org)
February 2024
“ It's Just Lunch is a great way for busy Individuals to have dates that are already chosen to help match ones personality. The restaurants that were chosen are wonderful friendly staff and great food! I would definitely recommend all of them. The matches are kind and polite and all great people.. so hoping to find that chemistry that we each are searching for! Thank you just lunch ladies for organizing and putting this all together. Fun but a bit pricey way to find a great guy... they are out there and it's " just lunch" give it a try if you can! ”

— Irene   (Yelp)
January 2024
“ The match making team is amazing. They are very helpful and they make the whole process easy and fun. ”

— Naveen   (google.com)
December 2023
“ The matchmaking team is very nice dating coaches give good advice. I like the personal interaction I get with the company. The dates I have been on enjoyable but I have not met my perfect match at I know this will take time. ”

— Chris F.   (google.com)
November 2023

After I signed the contract for this I immediately had second thoughts. I had no business going on dates since I didn't know what or who I was looking for.  I'm so glad I stuck with it. I've been on several dates and got at least a few phone numbers. Most of the No's have been because of the distance between where we live.

This has helped me get back on my feet, dating-wise. I've also enjoyed the coaching I get with the team.

Overall, a good experience.

— Aubrey H.   (google.com)
September 2023
“ For six months, I've been real happy with this service! Britney and Lisa are truly Amazing! This is a go-to match-maker site for the business owner. It's really hard for the professional to find someone compatible and they both are hard at work matching you up with that special someone. I've been pleasantly pleased. Thank you both. ”

— Depos   (google.com)
August 2023
“ Great service. They organize all dates, to make your life easier. Thank you. ”

— Errol R   (google.com)
April 2023
“ Kelly and Moneisha are wonderful people. They are professional and good at what they do. My first date was a successful match, meeting the criteria I was looking for in a partner. ”

— Imani A   (google.com)
February 2023
“ "I’m a new client with It’s Just Lunch and it’s been a productive and constructive experience with the Bay Area team of Lisa, Britney and Jolene. We’ve had positive communications together to focus and hopefully find a meaningful match for connection, compatability and companionship. The dates are opportunities for interesting, convivial conversations and interactions to enjoy, learn and hopefully find the one! It’s Just Lunch - Bay Area matchmaking company has potential matches all over the Bay area. IJL gives their clients an opportunity to meet people they would not normally meet in their neighborhood with the possibilities of meeting new people outside of your local geographic radius. I’m excited about personal growth to build and create a real relationship, a best friend and true love!" ”

— Leslie L   (google.com)
January 2023
“ This summer, I gladly worked with Moneisha through my journey. I could be honest and open with her and felt like I was talking to one of the girls after each date update. She always had my back and I felt her support through the whole process! She was a delight to work with. ”

— Rachel E.   (google.com)
October 2022
“ Moneisha and Kelly have been superb to deal with in finding lunch partners and handling all details, including my interview and then post-lunch discussions with me ... and subsequent lunches, all in excellent and convenient locations. ”

— Harwood B.   (google.com)
September 2022
“ For someone who hasn't navigated the dating world very well, IJL has given me a lot of support and encouragement to make meeting my matches as engaging and exciting as can be. I particularly want to call out Britney who has been wonderful to work with throughout. I'm looking forward to what's to come! ”

— Gil L.   (google.com)
August 2022
“ It has been a really great experience working with IJL. Mo is awesome, she has made the dating experience fun and easy. She is very personable, easy to talk to, she always gets right back to me and is passionate about matching people. ”

— Jason B   (bbb.org)
July 2022
“ My matchmakers have already exceeded my expectations with this service. It can take years to meet beautiful, quality women on other sites like Match, but within the first two weeks, they already set me up with three very beautiful and intelligent women. Ignore any bad reviews. They are always available when you call or email, they truly listen to you, and they do their very best to provide good locations and restaurants. I can't imagine a better matchmaking service. ”

— JT   (bbb.org)
July 2022
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